Here you will find art inspired by nature... wildlife, trees, sea scenes and more. I create miniature paintings on pebbles, rocks, marble and sea slate. I'll be writing about the many things that inspire my art, and also about important wildlife and environmental issues. I have an art site which is updated with several new paintings a week. I also make jewellery from sea glass which is for sale in the Tiddu shop and blogged about on my Tiddu blog.

Driftwood Horses on the Beach!!

I love these amazing driftwood horse sculptures that are the creations of Heather Jansch.  The driftwood horses are life size! Heather creates these amazing sculptures in her studio in Devon. She also creates other animal sculptures like the bear and the stag in the photos below. If you would like to see more of her creations, her website is:  You can also visit her sculpture gardens when she holds open days.

Driftwood Horses on the Beach! © Heather Jansch

Driftwood Horses on the Beach! © Heather Jansch

Bear Sculpture © Heather Jansch

Stag Sculpture © Heather Jansch

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